How to Pack a Backpack Properly?

There are no rules or regulations to packing a backpack but there are ways which are not very efficient and ways that are. We shall refer to packing the rucksack in an efficient manner as to “correctly”. Whatever you plan to do or wherever you plan to go on your camping trip it is very important for you to know the correct way to pack your camping rucksack.

By packing your bag correctly it will be more comfortable to carry on your back, carry more gear and ensure that the most important items that you need instantly or first are not stuck somewhere down near the bottom of the bag. Rucksacks can hold a lot of clothing and equipment at the same time, but this does not mean that you should pack everything imaginable into them. Before starting on packing your pack always plan out your trip and the gear you will need for it.

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So you have decided where you are going and for how long. The next step is to actually think about what you need for the trip you are embarking upon Think logically with this and apply as much common sense as possible. Once you have decided everything and chosen your required gear, lay everything out on the floor next to your camping rucksack. You are now ready to start the packing. First in to the bag should always be the heaviest camping and outdoor equipment. With the weight at the bottom of your rucksack your rucksack will have a better centre of balance.

As you continue packing your items should get lighter the higher up in the rucksack they are. But do keep some soft items aside as you will be using these as padding. Once you have packed almost everything try the rucksack on your back to see if any of the harder camping equipment protrudes and sticks into your back. If so then you can use the soft items out aside to pad out the bag so you no longer have anything jabbing your back. A little tip with the harder items is to actually wrap them first in clothing items or place clothing between them before placing them in your camping rucksack. These tips give you additional padding and stop any movement by the heavier items once inside your bag. The whole aim of packing your rucksack correctly is to make the bag as comfortable as possible whilst fitting everything in.

Most good quality backpacks such as the camping rucksack are equipped with an easily accessible outer section, side pockets and strap on points. These outer sections you shall use for carrying items such as maps, mobile phones, keys and all those small items like fire starters and your camping first aid kit. Water is the essence of life so make sure you pack your water bottles in the bottle pockets as well.

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Such is the advancement in research and technology with camping equipment that the standards and function ability of camping and outdoor equipment has improved greatly over the years. But water can still be the camper’s enemy. Despite what manufacturers say about the weather resistance capabilities of their rucksacks, water always seems to find a way through so your rucksack may not be as waterproof as you think. So just in case of extreme weather conditions and torrent rain do not pack all your clothes around the outside of the backpacking rucksack. Pack some in the centre of the bag protected by other clothes. This way at least if your bag does let you down you will at least still have access to some dry clothes. So pack properly and efficiently and your trip will be a lot more pleasant with your backpacking rucksack.

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